GW Language Center

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The GW Language Center facilitates and promotes foreign language studies at the university, providing a wide array of academic support for both students and faculty.

Students from across Columbian College of Arts and Science’s numerous language programs come through the Language Center for placement testing and support. For students who are learning English as a second or additional language, we offer our popular Everyday English practice sessions, videos on pronunciation and grammar and much more. The Language Center also hosts frequent events for the university community and curates resources to help language learners.

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Language Departments in the Columbian College

The Language Center offers placement testing and other support to all language programs across the Columbian College.



"Two years ago, I left China to pursue my master’s degree. As an international student, expressing myself in English was a huge challenge. Through fostering my language abilities, the Language Center brought me the confidence I needed to deliver the Graduate Student Welcome Ceremony speech. Thank you for equipping me with the tools to survive in America!"

Jie Yuan
MA '20, Educational Leadership and Administration